Linda Vlassenrood

Linda Vlassenrood is a member of the general board of the TAAK foundation. She is a passionate curator, programme leader, author, speaker, and advisor, dedicated to making complex urban issues transparent and open to discussion in a stimulating way. She is regularly commissioned by cultural institutions, municipalities and commercial parties to  organize (long-term) programmes that include advice, research, publications, workshops, exhibitions, educational projects, lectures, or debates. Her expertise lies in clarifying the question at hand and setting the most effective course of action, in which discussion, inquiry, and design of solutions takes central stage. She aspires to make involvement in the developments of the city accessible to a wider group than the usual insiders. Her approach is therefore interdisciplinary by definition. Because of this, she is able to effortlessly connect designers from different disciplines, as well as civil servants, citizens, scientists, and other experts with each other, both nationally and internationally.

From 2000 to 2011, Linda worked as a curator and head of presentation at the Nederlands Architectuurinstituut (NAi). The NAi belonged to the world’s largest public cultural institutions in architecture and urban development. She curated and realized important exhibitions, publications, and related events about architecture in the broadest sense of the word. In 2004, she provided the Dutch entry for the International Architecture Biennale in Venice.

In 2011, she founded Studio Linda Vlassenrood, which collaboratively investigates developing cities, to make neglected issues comprehensible and spread this knowledge. In recent years, she worked for the International New Town Institute and Het Nieuwe Instituut, creating long-term research and exchange programmes exploring the (re)development of new cities in China in particular, as well as data in relation to the smart society. Since 2019, she is a core member of Stad-Form, an independent think tank that advises the municipality of Amsterdam about urban development. Because of her activities, Linda is a sought-after speaker in the Netherlands and abroad, and has written a wide range of publications.