Public Talk Natalie Jeremijenko


TAAK and Cure Master have invited artist and scientist Natalie Jeremijenko for a  three-day seminar with the students. Before the start of this workshop, Jeremijenko will give a public talk in Amsterdam. On 20 January she will introduce here projects and her ideas, and answer all your questions.

Natalie Jeremijenko was awarded the 2013 Most Innovative People award. She studied biochemistry, engineering, neuroscience and History and Philosophy of Science. She lectures at Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development (New York University) and she directs the Environmental Health Clinic. The clinic’s approach to health is special. Rather than focusing on the inner workings of a body, the researchers want to understand what effects  the environment can have on health.

These issues match the concerns of the Cure Master of the Sandberg Institute. The students participating in this course question the regular concept of health as well. Can we shed new light on our understanding of health, healthcare and the way we deal with sickness? Joseph Beuys said that art can be healing. Could an artist work like a doctor or nurse? The Cure Master aims to reshape the way we look at these issues, and to contribute to a new understanding of our bodies, our minds and the environment we live in.

Jeremijenko’s talk will start at 8 pm at De PUNT (Frans de Wollantstraat 84), Amsterdam.