Cure Master


A new two-year Temporary Master programme 2014 – 2016 at the Sandberg Institute

The Cure Master programme examines the function and definition of health and disease in our society. A group of autonomous researchers will create individual and group projects towards realising Cure Park, a place to meet, exchange ideas and inspire a fresh dynamism and new ideas.


Joseph Beuys said that art can be healing. We may need to turn this idea inside out and state, following artist A.A. Bronson, that ‘healing can be art’. Health is a crucial theme in people’s lives, as well as in politics, the economy and society at large. In what way do we want to deal with these issues, now and in the future? Can we shed new light on our understanding of health, healthcare and the way we deal with sickness? Could an artist work like a doctor or nurse? We should confront ourselves with these questions in order to exploit the potential of art in relation to social issues. The Cure Master aims to reshape the way we look at these issues, and to contribute to a new understanding of our bodies, our minds and the environment we live in.

In this 2-year Temporary Master’s programme at the Sandberg Instituut, students examine the function and definition of sickness and health in society from the perspective of art and design. We explore various fields of knowledge and artistic practice such as technology, performance art, design and medicine to develop new potentials and possible answers to questions related to health and care.

Artists such as Appie Bood, Natalie Jeremijenko and Valentina Desideri facilitate workshops and lead intensive working sessions. Under the guidance of design agency OvertredersW, students work on a spatial translation of the topics addressed throughout the programme. A biweekly theory programme with lectures, close readings and workshops provides an intellectual basis for further thinking.

The programme develops along six themes: ache, environment, death and loss, nutrition, body, and belief. For each theme, we partner up with one or more institutions related to the field of healthcare, such as hospitals, care homes cultural, and non-cultural organisations related to questions of health and care in society.

The objective of the Cure Master is to turn some assumptions upside down. We question our lifestyle and challenge current ideas about mental and physical well-being. A disease or an accident confronts people with their vulnerability, but the western healthcare system is set up to help people get back to ‘their old self’ again as soon as possible. Symptoms are to be eliminated and causes are disregarded. As a starting point, we are interested in defining health, instead of labelling sickness, and in looking for possibilities instead of limitations. The idea for the Cure Master emerged from the research exhibition by artist and course director Martijn Engelbregt in conjunction with TAAK entitled BETTER: The Art of Health at the Haaglanden Medical Centre, The Hague in 2012.

Selected projects:

Het Vijfde Seizoen
We started the Cure Master as residents in Het Vijfde Seizoen (‘The Fifth Season’), a psychiatric institution in Den Dolder, the Netherlands. Working intensively on location, staying overnight, working with clients of the institution, we researched the theme of mental and physical pain. This residency concluded with a public presentation on the premises of the institution.

Cure Park 2016
A group of autonomous thinkers, designers and artists are currently working on both individual and collective art projects. During the manifestation Cure Park 2016, participants will exhibit new ideas, tools and methods to the public. The focus will be on experience, participation and sharing. This event will be the closure of the Cure Master, as well as a celebration of the continuing collaborations and trajectories with our partner organisations.

Course Directors

Martijn Engelbregt

Theo Tegelaers


Simone Kleinhout

Theory Programme

Nils van Beek

Invited Artists, Collaborators And Lecturers 2014-2015


Appie Bood

Natalie Jeremienko

Rosie Heinrich

Prof. T. Dehue

Sjim Hendriks

Valentina Desideri

Peik Zuylink

Marjolijn Zwakman

and others


Alexander Sand (SE)

Silvan Laan (NL)

Cathalijne Smulders (NL)

Linda Beumer (NL)

Hallie Abelman (USA)

Brenda de Vries (NL)

Olly Glaudemans (NL)

Lynne Morris (UK)

Naomi Tattum (UK)

Emily Ijzerman (NL)

Nieke Koek (NL)

Eva Pyrnokoki (GR)

Vera Hofmann (DE)

Claudia van Dijk (NL)