Stay Healthy - Part Two


Stay Healthy


At the invitation of TAAK, artist Paulien Oltheten looks for examples of human contact amidst the silence and sterility surrounding the COVID-19 virus. Compared to other countries, The Netherlands allows individuals to interpret measures relatively freely. In Stay Healthy, a series of short video portraits, Oltheten documents a range of interpretations and ways of relating to each other in Amsterdam and surroundings.

 Part Two












Man worries that his favorite log of wood for doing exercises will end up on a barbecue.



Zebra crossing

These are the clearest stripes by far.



The entrance is a great place for hanging out in times of corona. No tourists, no wind, and bicycle trips in the countryside on weekends. This is quality living. 



Corona Traffic Sign

With the cycling path closed due to corona, cyclists’ moral compasses are put to the test. 



Tape measure

Two gender-minded women have demarcated a 150 cm distance on the sidewalk using a tape measure and wonder whether the Dutch word for tape measure is masculine or feminine.



Finally a chance to play soccer in the city centre.




A sidewalk café board game in the last rays of light.



Remembrance Day

Quieter than usual, a socially distanced moment of serenity.




Stay Healthy is made possible in part by AFK (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst).