Charlotte Bijl

Charlotte Bijl is projectmanager at TAAK and takes care of the general business management. She studied Cultural Heritage at the Reinwardt Academy where she researched collective memory in relation to museums. She also immersed herself in cultural entrepreneurship and holds a NIMA A Marketing Diploma.

At TAAK she works on various projects such as Social Capital, De Tafelberg and Bestemming Drachten, and is involved in the development of Public Art Amsterdam of which TAAK is the coordinating body. Charlotte has worked as an independent coordinator on several projects and programs, such as the long-running projects Touch / Trace: Researching Histories Through Textiles and Unfinished Systems of Non-Knowledge, and the exhibition Reality at Beautiful Distress. Since the beginning of 2020, she is also department coordinator of the new master GEO-DESIGN at the Design Academy Eindhoven.