Annette Kouwenhoven

Annette Kouwenhoven is a member of the general board of the TAAK foundation. She is an artist, designer, and one of the founding members of Amsterdam City Rights, a project by the Here to Support foundation. This project is run by a team of Amsterdam residents with or without documentation, working to ensure equal rights for all Amsterdam citizens, including undocumented Amsterdam residents and refugees in limbo. Besides making a stand for their fundamental rights, Annette also organizes creative projects with the group, ranging from photography projects to football matches. These cultural productions facilitate a dialogue with the public space, in the form of events, debates, and protests on the street. In her work, Annette challenges people to express their views on the real meaning of an inclusive society. 

Claim your space

Many of the projects she develops in her artistic practice aim to reinforce the distinctive voice of marginalized groups, and to claim their fundamental rights, like the rights to adequate housing for everyone, creative expression, and protest against exclusion. She is often consulted about the fundamental rights of undocumented citizens, and continues to work from the streets to improve their situation.