Care and Well-Being

The contemporary neoliberal obsessive attempts to create transparent and manageable systems have surrendered Dutch public healthcare to the oblique whims of a sprawling behemoth of bureaucracy. This forces healthcare professionals into a painful split, trying to find time for the actual patient while groaning under immense administrative pressure.

Simultaneously, we as a society are changing our views on health and healthcare. Healthcare is no longer confined to the white walls of the hospital or the doctor’s office, and people have shifted from a purely medical-pharmaceutical notion to a more holistic, human-based approach. What do all these things mean in the context of finding and guaranteeing high-quality healthcare?

TAAK and its civic partners in the fields of healthcare and wellbeing collaborate on several projects – such as the Cure Park (Amsterdam Bos forest, summer 2017) – that highlight subjects and issues that are very sensitive or that are often simply ignored.

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