TAAK and artists collective noMade from Rome presented from June 15 to June 17 2018 the collaborative project COPRESENCE. The project was selected for Collateral Events, a program that offers professionals the opportunity to present a project parallel to Manifesta.

The debate on migration is mainly dominated by abstract demographic figures, bureaucratic integration systems and the fear for presumed negative impact. COPRESENCE proposes a different approach to the phenomenon of migration by sharing new methods to understand the complexity of cultural transition through art. The distinctive value of art lies in its ability to visualize emotions related to complex situations. This helps people to put themselves in the position of others and achieve understanding towards migrants.

The program was aimed at building a dialogue between two artistic and performative works: Carnival of the Oppressed Feelings, a performative demonstration for and with migrants by artist Gluklya in collaboration with TAAK, October 28, 2017 and Radio noMade in Arberia, a film that represents an investigation of Arbëreshë culture, Albanians in Italy. These projects functioned as casestudies to enhance an interdisciplinary discussion with local cultural, scientific and political stakeholders working on migration and interculture. Deriving from the arts, COPRESENCE created a space where experiences and reflections can be shared to create new knowledge and ways of thinking on the topic.

Have a look at the teaser here