Publication: Art – Cure. Activating the Potential

Care and well-being Publication

In the summer of 2017 Cure Park took place in Amsterdam. This art manifestation, organised bij TAAK, brought together over 30 artists, creatives and thinkers with audiences and care professionals in a multidimensional program: comprising installations, experiments, interventions, workshops, exercises, lectures, performances and films.

For six weeks, The Future and PUB, students’ initiative at the Sandberg Institute reported weekly their reflections and interpretations on Cure Park, combined with various contributions by participants. These are bundled in Art – Cure. Activating the Potential. Cure Park posed the question: “Can art cure?” Playful, the search for the meaning of healing is communicated in both language, partially English and Dutch, as well as in images through graphical incentives in the design. The workbook is an artwork on its own. The publication shows that art can contribute to the discussion about the dominant discourse of care, sickness and health.

Art – Cure. Activating the Potential (15 euros excluding shipping fee) can be ordered by sending an e-mail to:

With contributions by: Andrea Karch, Marloes Heineke, Carolin Giessner, Daniel Seemayer, Floris van Driel, Gui Machiavelli, Monica Mays, Nadia Beckers, Shristie Budhia, Jesse Boon, Yuri Veerman, Isabel Menino, Christiane Bosman, Klara van Duijkeren, Vincent Schipper, Amelia Clark Productions, Simone Kleinhout, Sophia Zürcher, Vika Ushkanova, Shana Moulton, Yvonne Dubbers, Carol R. Kallend, Charlotte Bijl en Theo Tegelaers.