Fieldwork Marfa 2012


Researcher-in-residence in Marfa, Texas

Fieldwork: Marfa is the joint project of three major European schools, ESBA Nantes Métropole, HEAD-Genève and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. This international researcher-in-residence programme is dedicated to the practice of art in public space, critical approaches to landscape, and artistic projects based on field investigation methods. Located in Marfa, Texas, USA, this platform is intended for emerging artists, critics and/or researchers. Residents are selected on the basis of the singularity of specific projects they present.

The Project
Marfa is located in the desert of Texas and is known for its collection of minimalist art by Donald Judd, the surrounding landscape and it’s proximity to the border with Mexico. Each year, three artists, critics or researchers have the opportunity to investigate one of the four research areas: Minimalism and Beyond, Art in Public Sphere, The Altered Landscape, and Zones of Conflicts. The researchers-in-residence explore new ways to consider the landscape in its ecological context.

The Artists
1. Giles Bauiley
2. Tanja Baudoin
3. Charles Stankievich

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