Fenix Module: Reboot of the mythic dimension

September 19, 2015 — September 30, 2015

Shamanism and other magical practices, it seems almost like they're disappeared from Georgia. Certainly when seen from the perspective of modern science and history. But artists Jasper Griepink and William Speakman think that many of those charming forces still exist. For Fest I Nova 2015; Art Villa Garikula (19 t/m 30 September), they create FENIX MODULE. A project about exploring the existence of special knowledge and abilities, as well as experiences of the magical. The Dutch pavilion is part of Fest I Nova 2015 and curated by Theo Tegelaers of TAAK, based in Amsterdam.

Griepink’s and Speakman’s project FENIX MODULE consists of a temporary structure, an altar that will act as a centre for personal talks and treatments to open the heart and mind. Local residents, visitors, artists and Grzneuli are invited to enter the pavilion and share their experiences with magic, shamanism, healing powers, and superstition. The artists will also examine how these beliefs and magical practices can be traced back to known folk rituals and traditions, objects and attributes, and how they are present in everyday life or in family histories.

The  project aims to gather the issues that people want to resolve in their personal and social lives and the hopes, fears and desires that surround them. In personal sessions, Jasper Griepink collects the stories, anecdotes and dreams that people want to share with him. Prior to these sessions, the artist and the guest work with clay in order to strengthen the predictive qualities of the dialogues. These clay figures will remain in the pavilion when the structure is set on fire during a final ritual at the end of the festival. The baked clay forms will be all there is left of the project until FENIX MODULE returns to Georgia in 2016 to bring back the potential of shamanic knowledge to our time.

The video of FENIX Module will be presented at a later time at TAAK in Amsterdam.

A project by William Speakman and Jasper Griepink
Curator Theo Tegelaers
Part of Fest I Nova: The 7th International Festival of Contemporary Art in Honor of The Zdanevich Brothers, dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Art Villa Garikula
September 19 – 30, 2015