Cure Café Menu

November 27, 2015 — November 28, 2015

These projects are on the Cure Café menu (27 & 28 November 2015):

Vera Hofmann

the nutritionist– a short but comprehensive overview on the current food discourse and nutrition recommendations
In this rather dry keynote lecture nutritionist Vera Hofmann takes you on a ride along the gastrointestinal tract, past dairy and gluten, bypassing inflammation on a short-cut into the bloodstream to dissolve in a purifying basic flux of super smooth equilibrium.
Get some practical information on how to avoid diseases and cure conditions with your everyday food according to the most recent scientific research blended together with the most ancient knowledge.

Cathalijne Smulders, Hallie Abelman, Naomi Tattum, Linda Beumer

We wanted to make a lunch box for you. However, the act of making a lunch box opened up a dialogue about the rules implicitly hidden inside the box. So instead we talked about the lunch box as an affirmation of care and dedication, as a catalyst that suggests and prompts consuming behavior, coded with cultural and aesthetic believes, as result of ideology and gender roles. We understand your need for food. Consider this a mental lunch.

Using the lunchbox as a starting point from which to think and act, we will produce a temporal and spatial composition of perspectives, sensations, affects, effects, actions, gestures, power relations, positions, and interpretations of the ways food is ever-infused and ever-infusing, loading the humble existence of the lunchbox with power.

Eva Pyrnokoki

 “You better come on, in my kitchen, 'cause it's going to be raining outdoors”
A late dinner/performance about time, pressure and values in our 24/7 economy and society. Two connected stories. Four people. Ten guests. What is the sound of their lives?
You are invited into our kitchen to experience our performance and the dinner.
We will enjoy homemade food and we will slow down.

Revka Bijl
Vasiliki Koutrouli
Perikles Panagouleas
Eva Pyrnokoki

Nieke Koek

 Pasta Face
The face is one of the most expressive instruments of our body. Through the face we communicate our state of being and whether or not we understand the situation and if we react accordingly. Face pasta explores the materialization of the face. What happens if you get to examine your own face and then eat it?
By copying your face into an edible monument, the face pasta tries to reconnect our feelings and our appearance.

Emily IJzerman

The healing properties of food go beyond nutrition. In transitional moments, between ending and starting anew, onions help us to let go of the past and garlic is what gives us the strength to carry on.

Brenda de Vries

The Candy Girl at the door will welcome you and give you a choice, you can take a shot of “empathy” or a shot of “fear”.  For you to decide how to experience our Cure Cafe….

Silvan Laan

 "In antiquity stinging nettle, which was widely distributed, was used as a drastic aphrodisiac. A common name in German for Urtica dioida L. is Teufelskraut (devil´s herb). Nettles appear in the witch trials as one of the final painful martyr materials, for the witches were dressed in nettle shirts when they were led to the funeral pyre.¨ (Müller-Ebeling et al., Witchcraft Medicine, p170)

For many of us, the first childhood encounter with stinging nettle has left a clear and sharp impression. A generous supplier of food, medicine and fibre, a symbol of evil, the stinging nettle holds a position of paradox in our awareness. Silvan Laan invites visitors for a tea ceremony in the surroundings of this humble green companion.