Collective blog We>Me.Me. in times of lockdown and quarantine

Social capital

We>Me.Me was developed as part of Social Capital # 2. Amsterdam-West. Social Capital is a multi-year art program that draws attention to the changes in the city and how they affect the people who live there with artworks, presentations, workshops, and performances at unexpected locations throughout Amsterdam.

We>Me.Me is a collective blog where you can read a new observation of ‘we' every day. Artists bart & klaar developed this app last year due to their curiosity about the meaning of 'we.' Especially in a time when the emphasis seems to be on individuality. What is our perception of 'we' in times when togetherness mainly takes place online, and physical encounters are only possible with your immediate loved ones? What does this mean for solidarity and community spirit?

In December, we will focus on exploring the oikos and polis of 'we.' Some forms of ‘we' connect you to a small and intimate group (oikois), such as family or an app group with friends. Other ‘we' make it possible to open up to people you don't know at all (polis), based on shared interests, interests, or beliefs.

Writing and speaking about 'we' is more than just observing; it also shapes the 'we' you can and want to be. Think of the 'we' that Karl Marx created with the concept 'the laborer,' or Facebook with 'friends.' TAAK believes that it is essential to think about what 'we' could and should mean, especially in lockdown and quarantine times. Both now and while looking ahead to 2021.

If you have an experience, finding, or observation that addresses 'we,' write it down! A contribution could be a column of 150 to 300 words about moments in which a 'we' reveals herself to you. But you can also send in a photo, drawing or artwork. The contributions are Socratic, meaning based on personal experience.

Please send in your contribution via the We>Me.Me app or through the website!