July 8, 2016

The house is me


Project of Julieta Garcia Vazquez with residents of Woensel-West
Opening with guided tour

8th of July 2016 - 4pm

It all started with a process of urban renewal and gentrification, like many others. With local museums engaging social issues, like many others. With a four-year artistic project, which was threatened to fail due to lack of institutional support, like many others.

But then there was a neighbourhood who saved the artist.

A Neighbourhood that threw itself as the guardian of the project.

This is a story of a social residential house that escaped demolition with the aim of being preserved and displaced brick by brick to the local museum. But facing the impossibility of its displacement, Garcia Vazquez and the inhabitants of the neighborhood decided to dismantle the house and preserve it in the shape of permanent and personal architectonic  designs, which were added to their own houses.

It all started with the aim of preserving the memories of the neighborhood. It ends up as a series of new stories about special people. The house that was doomed to be demolished has been transformed into a monument for the future of today's social ecology in Woensel-West.

To close the project and to inaugurate the works of art, a festive opening will take place on the 8th of July 2016. On this day a unique tour will take place around all interventions in the district.

Start location: Edisonplein 70a

Start: 4pm

Introduction with coffee: 4.15pm

Guided tour: 5pm

Closing reception: 6pm