5 Day Program as a prelude to the Carnival of Oppressed Feelings

Debat Lezing Migratie Programma
2 oktober 2017 — 6 oktober 2017

Kunstenaar: Gluklya
Locatie: Tijdelijk Museum at Lola Lik, H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 48, 1096 AN Amsterdam
Tijd:  10 am – 2 pm
Curators: Theo Tegelaers en Bernie Deekens
Projectleiders: Bernie Deekens en Charlotte Bijl



10.00 – Gathering Tijdelijk Museum (entrance Tijdelijk Museum at courtyard of Lola Lik)
10:15 – 11:15 – performative tour along a number of locations in Lola Lik where you can admire Gluklya’s work from the past year. This makes her involvement and share in the refugee debate visible through drawings and costumes. Moreover, the tour serves as the starting point of the conversation.
11:15 – 11:30 – Introduction of the theme of the day by Gluklya
11:30 – 12:15 – Guests
12:15 – 1 pm  – Discussion
1 – 2 pm – An activity, lunch and closure

Gluklya and TAAK at Tijdelijk Museum/ Lola Lik

The Carnival of Oppressed Feelings on Saturday October 28, 2017 is the concluding event, combining a series of workshops and encounters with refugees living at the former Bijlmerbajes. The Сarnival connects different precarious and less precarious groups of the local cultural community at the Bijlmer Bajes together with refugees and social workers. Following the principles of the Utopian Unemployment Union, the Carnival unites people from different social backgrounds regardless the question of status.  The Carnival of Oppressed Feelings starts from Lola Lik and ends at the Dam Square. See facebook event 

Prior to The Carnival of Oppressed Feelings, we organize a 5 Day Program. The purpose of the 5 Days Program is to initiate dialogues and discussions around five themes that are connected to a party (in a political sense). We invited professionals who work with these themes to participate and asked several refugees to talk about their experiences. Next to that, refugee organizations will invite people from their network. This creates a new gathering of experts and refugees every day. The input provided by the involved parties will be transformed into costumes and theatre props, to be presented at The Carnival of Oppressed Feelings.

Description of parties

1) Potato Eater party
2) Monsters party
3) Language of Fragility party
4) Recycling prison party
5) Spirits of history party


More about the Utopian Unemployment Union

The Utopian Unemployment Union of Amsterdam (UUUA) is an overarching concept in which Gluklya develops different projects that bring together migrants, artists and institutions in the collective aim of developing a pilot model for a new type of artistic production at the junction of art, economics, progressive pedagogy, social sciences and activism. TAAK is co-developing the Utopian Unemployment Union of Amsterdam.


You can find photo's of the 5 Day Program on Flickr.
5 Day Program as a prelude to the Carnival of Oppressed Feelings (October 2017)