Tessa Smorenburg

Tessa Smorenburg is a care ethicist. She is involved in research into current affairs in healthcare, specifically into the connection between the arts and the care domain. She holds an MA in Ethics of Care and Policy (University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht) and a BA in Social Work (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). She also studied fine arts for a year at the Academie Beeldende Kunst in Maastricht.

During her studies she developed an interest in the reflection of social issues through art. Her main interest lies in practices of care in welfare and in broader societal contexts where inclusivity of the vulnerable seems to be lacking. Her contributing role as a care ethicist at TAAK is to offer a guiding hand in the realisation of projects concerning care. Outside of TAAK, she also collaborates with artists in reviewing social themes through images and language. Her articles have been published in Het Parool, and online on and