Sophia Zürcher

Sophia Zürcher is an independent art historian and works as a communications officer and (web)editor at TAAK. She always tries to translate special art projects into comprehensible texts that make art accessible to a wider audience.

Sophia studied History of Art at Utrecht University. From 2013 to 2015 she worked as a web and copy editor at art magazine Kunstbeeld. As of 2016, she has been writing weekly about visual art for Dutch newspaper Het Parool. She won the Basic Prize for Young Art Criticism in 2016.

Since 2012, she has been responsible for updating TAAK’s website, the final editing of various publications and writing press releases and newsletters. Sophia was involved in the publications for Cure Park and responsible for the communication of the projects Palace Ruin by James Beckett and Verloren en Hervonden in the Hortus botanicus Haren.


06-283 420 33