Petra Heck

Petra Heck is a curator for TAAK. Here she developed the projects Palace Ruin with James Beckett, The Magnetic North by Sylvie Zijlmans and Hewald Jongenelis, and The Mask Maker and The Tree with Abner Preis. Currently she is working with Nils van Beek on a landscape art project in Dronten. Next to this, Petra is developing Social Capital, a project responding to the changing (social) values in public space in Amsterdam, together with Theo Tegelaers.

Petra focuses on contemporary (media) art, performances, and (online) public space. She specializes in video, internet and other ephemeral art forms. In her practice, she questions the consequences of technological and other societal developments for contemporary art and the artistic process, no matter what medium is being used.

Next to her work at TAAK, Petra is curator at TodaysArt (2013-now), an electronic music and art festival exploring technology in relation to the urban public space, and co-curator of Paradiso’s multi-disciplinary performance program ROCKY, together with Maaike Gouwenberg. Petra is also a committee member of the Creative Industry Fund and a board member of ArtDock. As curator and head of exhibitions (2006-2012) at the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk/Montevideo) she realized solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions.