TAAK at the Kunstvlaai

TAAK at the Kunstvlaai

November 29, 2012 — November 29, 2012

TAAK takes part in the round table discussion 'Comparative research, artist-run initiatives working in public domain' at this years Kunstvlaai!

19:30-20:30, Lecture Room
More info: www.kunstvlaai.nl

Round table discussion

The very notion of "Public Domain" is complex, volatile and inherently connected to locality, mapping presence and social-political conditions. Investigating the specificity of these contexts by acknowledging difference, potentially creates spaces of commonality - a joint depature to 'act' on public life while generating forums of publicness. This conversation invites a group of participants to deliberate their strategies to activiate publics in their current scenarios and maintain agonistic strategies for Art in Public Domain(s).

Moderated by Fleur van Muiswinkel

Confirmed participants: Partizaning (Russia) / KIOSK (Moldavia) / TAAK (The Netherlands)