Irina Birger: Aquarius


Irina Birger has made an artwork for TAAK

To celebrate the opening of the new cultural season, TAAK has invited Irina Birger to make an artwork for the project wall.

Irina Birger has made a line drawing of 3.5 to 2 meters on the project wall at the TAAK-space. With thread she connects all Aquarius constellation points. A star can function alone, but when stars are connected, they create a bigger and perhaps even better image. The astrological sign of Aquarius is associated with democracy, freedom, truth and perseverance. In addition, mankind is moving towards the Age of Aquarius according to astrologers. The transition from the Piscean Age to this new era will bring major changes in society and represents a new phase for humanity. After a time of individualism, a true sense of belonging will develop in the Age of Aquarius, according to astrologers.

Irina Birger studied at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem and at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. On September 1, her exhibition "Dancing at the wrong party" opened in Nieuw Dakota on the Ms. of Riemsdijkweg 41. Here she exhibited existing, new and site-specific work, with a focus on drawings that have not been shown before.

"In her art practice, Birger often takes the concrete social reality of a place as a point of departure. In her work, the artist examines, analyses and visualizes cultural and social patterns and their dynamics by employing various artistic strategies, ranging from anthropological observations to putting herself forward as the protagonist of action. Her own persona plays an important role in observing, infiltrating and staging relationships between individual and collective or, more generally speaking, between smaller fragments and larger constellations."  - Alexandra Landré

Opening September 6
On 6 September 2013 at 17.00 the work of Irina Birger was revealed in the TAAK-space on the Frans de Wollantstraat 82 in Amsterdam. Astrologer and artist Jeanette Groenendaal talked about Aquarius.