TAAK is a collective that initiates art projects in the public domain and develops and creates commissioned art projects.

TAAK is interested in the issues relevant to public spaces and the public domain. In the eyes of TAAK these challenges are not only social but also artistic in nature. Since artists can move freely between different areas of knowledge, they can present unexpected, critical and independent views regarding topics that concern us all, such as healthcare, urbanism, ecology and identity.

TAAK puts an emphasis on the potential of artistic research to bring about change, because artists avoid simple answers and can create alternative worlds that we would like to live in. Art can enrich and connect people and encourage public debate. Bearing this in mind, TAAK, as a collective, develops and produces art programs and projects, and gives advice to social and private bodies.

How TAAK works

Together with artists, TAAK is looking for ways to regard the public domain as an inclusive environment where a great variety of voices and wishes can be heard.

We like to work together with partners from different segments of society: from healthcare, education, science, nature and landscape organizations and heritage institutions, but also with pressure groups and community-based organizations.

Since we realize most of the art projects outside the institutional framework of contemporary art, we are always looking for new working methods and strategies. After all, each situation is different. We shape new trajectories in which the basic principles are clear, but the end result is often unknown. TAAK maps out the context, presents the framework and then creates the proper conditions for the artists so they can realize their work. We aim for a deepening and broadening approach, for instance by aligning with the agendas of social organizations and citizens’ initiatives.

Introducing TAAK

TAAK links an extensive network in the art world to experience and know-how in the area of art commissions and art projects in the public space. As a collective of independent contractors – advisers, curators, researchers, project managers, fundraisers, (web)editors, communications officers and program makers – we can monitor the entire trajectory of a work of art from start to finish. We work together under the legal format of a cooperation to which independence, equality and self-government are important values. We make joint decisions about the projects TAAK will take on and about who will represent TAAK in this.


TAAK has already developed a number of eye-catching projects. In 2016 we realized five art projects for the new Justitieel Complex Zaanstad that offered an opportunity for a discussion about the present-day approach to crime and punishment. In that same year Palace Ruin arose on the Amsterdam Zuidas, a smoking sculpture by James Beckett that also served as a stage for lectures and concerts. In the summer of 2017 we organized the art manifestation Cure Park in the Amsterdamse Bos where art projects served to shed new light on care and well-being. The Carnival of the Oppressed Feelings passed through the streets of Amsterdam in October 2017; this performative demonstration brought together refugees, artists and anyone who felt involved. In 2018 we will be working on temporary and permanent works of art that will change the face of Drachten.

Since 2017 TAAK has been involved in, amongst other things, long-term programs aimed at the concept of ‘The inclusive society.’ Within the projects and programs that we are aiming to realize in the coming years (2017-2020) we will be addressing and questioning the mechanisms of exclusion by use of artistic research, events and proposals for new forms of inclusion. These programs will be centered around the themes of In- en uitsluiting, Curating the City, Care & Well-being and Future Landscapes.


We are interested in other people’s questions, and we think that artists can make a contribution in the quest for answers. We bring together artists with a plan and partners with a question and, in addition, we seek to link partners to plans and artists to queries. Do you have an urgent question or problem, an exciting plan or a wish? Or do you need advice about new cultural plans? TAAK would like to take this as a basis for developing an art work, cultural event or program. So by all means, send an email to info@taak.me.

TAAK receives a two-yearly grant from Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.

Coöperatie TAAK U.A. is the trade name of TAAK, Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce number 55744133 with its registered office in The Hague, and its members. The members are listed on www.taak.me. Contracts are signed by both the cooperation and its members. In all communications they are referred to, both jointly and individually, as TAAK.


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