Cure Masters bij Museum Tot Zover

Zorg en welzijn

Nieuw werk van studenten van de Cure Master

8 mei 2016

Op 8 mei 2016 vindt de finissage plaats van de tentoonstelling ‘Post Mortem’ in Nederlands Uitvaartmuseum Tot Zover. Twee studenten van de Cure Master (Sandberg Insituut), Alexander Sand en Naomi Tattum, hebben speciaal voor deze finissage nieuwe werken gerealiseerd.

Meer over de Cure Master

About the artists

Alexander Sand was born in Gothenburg, Sweden 1988 and has a bachelor degree in design. He is currently studying his masters at the Cure Master program of Sandberg Institute. Sand’s practice is currently focused on Death in the late-capitalist society – re-occurring themes are Memory, History and Meditation (which he sees as a critic of ideology, a resistance against neo-liberal simulation and image-making).

The collaborative partnership of Naomi Tattum (UK) and Edgar Caamaño (MEX) was initially established during their Visual Arts BA degree at Leeds University, where they focused on a sculptural and performative practice heavily influenced by found materials, photography and site-specific intervention. Throughout their separate MA studies, their practices have expanded towards experimenting and producing artworks in the form of written and spoken texts. Tattum’s work currently deals with trauma, personal narratives and writing as a sculptural form, whilst Caamaño’s work explores languages in translation and every-day conversations as an artwork material. Together, they are interested in the new possibilities that arise from their collaboration in response to specific matters.